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State and Local Governments Need to Understand the Compliance and Reporting Requirements for ARPA Funds

Recipients of the ARPA funds are required to comply with Treasury’s Compliance and Reporting Guidance and meet compliance and reporting responsibilities defined in the Final Rule, which includes submitting mandatory periodic reports to Treasury.

OFCCP – Federal Contractor Compliance Affirmative Action

The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Program (‘OFCCP”) is ramping up efforts to enforce compliance with affirmative action programs.

Sports’ World Provides Guidance for the Construction Project File

As we are hopeful for what our sport team’s season will be, we can apply two quotes from the sports’ world to the construction industry – specifically to the construction project file to support claims for changes: “It starts with complete command of the fundamentals.” – Jesse Owens “The best defense is a good offense.” – Vince Lombardi “It starts with complete command o ...

Compliance with the Davis-Bacon Act - Not Just Prime Contractor’s Responsibility

You may think paperwork about payrolls is the general or prime contractor’s problem and that subcontractors just need to perform the work.  If the Davis-Bacon Act (“DBA”) applies to the project, the work, regardless of who is performing it, is not done until the paperwork is complete. The DBA, 40 U.S.C. § 3142, was enacted in 1931 to provide local laborers and contractors a fa ...

Tools for the Small Business – Non-Disclosure Agreements and Teaming Agreements

Contractors often seek strategic alliances with other contractors to complement their capabilities and increase their chances of winning a contract.  In forming such alliances, it is important to use the type of agreement that best fits your needs to ensure it is enforceable and not just an agreement to agree. Prior to sharing details about your business with a potential busin ...